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Homosexual marriage

Надеюсь, аффтар не рассердится:
"The sad sad shame is that most liberals I've met are between the ages of 15 and 25, and don't seem to have a lick of common sense in their skulls.

And the voting certainly didn't work this way (59 голосов "за" на 26 госолов "против" - мое примечание) in the REAL world, or gay marriage would be legal in more places than the shameful state of Massechusetts, where a liberal court forced the issue.

And their decision to do so is what hurt the pro-gay movement more than anything. The ban on gay marriages in most states were put on the ballets AFTER the Massechusetts court ruling, a direct response from REGULAR Americans who understand the part of the constitution that says the laws are supposed to be decided by the PEOPLE, not the judicial system.

So you can argue all you want for gay marriage. The voters have spoken, and we have spoken quite loudly on the matter.

And that fact alone is all I need to let me dance happily on the grave of the gay movement's ambitions."

Это - цитата из соответсвующей дискуссии на Minitokyo
Меня она скорее даже напугала, чем огорчила Я не думала, что и по сей день протест против гей-сообщества столь силен, что есть люди, считающие любое решение, направленное против оного, само собой разумеющимся, а любое решение в пользу - блажью глупой неопытной молодежи и временным явлением, которое рано или поздно будет подавлено

aelite, конечно, опять куда-то пропала, но вообще хотелось бы обсудить
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