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Еще один яой-тест

Какой яой-сериал вам подходит?

Your series is Fake by Sanami Matoh, the story of
Ryo and Dee, two NYPD detectives, and their
developing relationship. If you like a solid
plot, uniquely developed characters, a good
laugh, just enough angst to add tension, and
mysteries/thrillers, this is your diamond in
the rough. However, Sex in the City this is
not. Fake is famous for it's UST -
Unresolved Sexual Tension - in other words
there's enough innuendo to drown in, but when
it comes to anything more there's some problem
or distraction, again and again, until you want
to throw something at the couple and yell for
them to just get together already. This is the
ideal for anyone who prefers storyline with a
side of romance.

Which Yaoi Series Are You?
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Мне выпал FAKE, с чем я полностью согласна - это действительно моя любимая яой-манга, по которой талантливыми людьми было снято одно из моих любимых яой-аниме
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