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Таби и его разбитое сердце = Tabi and his bleeding heart

Пока мелкий обтирает попой свою белоснежную двухдверную малышку, строча на закате СМСки неизвестным (или известным) нам лицам, Таби обустраивает свой холостяцкий быт цветами.

Меня настолько тронул этот фан-аккаунт, что очень хочется использовать его в каком-нибудь фике:
"Someone helped their aunt look after her flower shop for 5hrs and she saw TOP walk in to the shop during that time. She was so startled that the pliers she was holding fell to the floor. TOP asked, “Are you okay?” He was walking around the shop like a crab because he didn’t want the leafs of the flowers to touch him. That person said he looked really cute. TOP was asking her a lot of questions about the different flowers in the shop, and the person answered all his inquiries. He touched the flowers and said how beautiful they all were. He stopped in front of some 금낭화 flowers (these ones: kdw5k2.egloos.com/176870) for a long time and the person asked if he wanted to send it to someone. TOP answered, “Ahh I want them in my room.” kkkk like a girl kkkkk. He also said he needed to change his flower pot kkkkk. The person helped him bundle the flowers with a ribbon and he kept saying thank you. He signed an autograph for her, and even drew a flower next to his name."

Не представляю, правда, как можно держать разбитое сердце дома - я привыкла к ним в Ухтомке, где они всю жизнь росли в саду, но да у них в Корее наверное есть подходящие для дома виды. Их, кстати, так прикольно разрывать на половинки, когда они уже раскроются ^^
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