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"Теперь я буду называть вас МОЙ мистер Найтли"

Вы себе не представляете, сколько времени эта фраза не идет у меня из головы в отношении этого пейринга. А тут еще практически слово в слово фан-аккаунт! Так что, сами понимаете, я не могла не притащить его сюда.

Source: 11love60@ naver blog + GDandTOPlove@baidu.com + yarina2335@weibo
Translated by: mystifize@twitter

Note: In Korea, this pairing is known as TOPnyong and not GTOP

Every time Kwon Jiyong wants to buy something, he will say this to Choi Seunghyun, “Oppa~~buy this for me~” (Yes, he uses the girl’s way to say it)

When GD introduces TOP to his friends, it’s always “My Seunghyun hyung”.

On GD’s birthday, TOP & GD held a party. Choi TOP’s present to him was a song that he wrote.

Jiyong & TOP hyung were at a club in Hongdae. They got drunk and then started laughing really loudly, especially Jiyong since he was laughing at everything that people were saying. All of a sudden, I saw them crawling underneath the table together and didn’t come out for a long time. I wonder what they were doing down there?!

After GD drinks, it’s famous that he’s not acting when he wants people to bobo (kiss) him and such. Anyhow, TOP doesn’t like that kind of stuff so he will only walk behind GD.

src: http://doublebubblecombo.tumblr.com/post/6384713252/fan-account-gtop-have-their-moments-too-part-1

Правда, надеюсь, что все это пи*деж. Как-то не вписывается, знаете ли. Хотя...
И ТОПньён - это гораздо круче, чем ГТОП. Не говоря уже о том, что расово вернее.
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