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Себе, чтобы не потерялось.

Как грица, "Добро пожаловать, дорогой Карлсон! Ну и ты заходи".
Чтобы потом иметь возможность.

Фан-аккаунт текущего года: мелкий нерестит на Сырника в клубе. Все трезвые. Не палимся, ведем себя естественно.
My male friend saw this inside the club (this was when their album promotions were over and before they went to Japan for Love & Hope concert). He drank a lot that night so he had to go to the washroom to throw up. He bumped into Lee Seungri by the door. Seungri went in to wash his hands and had no expression on his face + he was wearing a cap. While my friend was in the middle of throwing up, he heard people shouting outside. He didn’t catch anything that was said since he was feeling dizzy but after he was done, he finally made his way outside. He stepped out of the washroom and heard someone yelling, “Didn’t you understand anything that I said? Are my words too difficult for you? Why would you give him so little alcohol? He’s almost awake!” He looked over and was shocked to see that BIGBANG’s leader, Kwon Jiyong was the one yelling at Seungri. They both looked at my friend for a second, then Seungri turned around and started to walk away. Jiyong shouted again (to Seungri), “Ya! Where are you going?” then looked at my friend. My friend didn’t want to stay there any longer so he tried to quickly walk back into the club. He turned around to glance back and saw that Jiyong had walked over to Seungri and was hugging him from behind. When he told this to me the next day, he said their relationship was weird & even asked me if BIGBANG was having problems since the leader was shouting at the maknae (he wasn’t a VIP), but I quickly explained to him that they were not!
src: http://www.soompi.com/forums/topic/364134-%e2%99%9b-bigbang-%e2%99%9b-the-official-%eb%b9%85%eb%b1%85-thread-%e2%98%85%e5%bd%a1-ver-3/page__view__findpost__p__17191782?s=61b1a57a211cb28d336d8935d1df1be9
Меня немного смущает перевод, но так как сама не могу, спорить не буду.

Пьяные потрахушки - это наше все двигатель прогресса единственный способ не разочаровываться вся моя молодость на Монмартре это так прекрасно! Ничего удивительного, что на этом фоне Тройка Чаш легким движением руки превращается в Пятерку.
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